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photoIn the past couple of years research has come to light showing that some of the health problems we have here in America are caused or exacerbated by the lack of probiotic microbes in our guts. These microbes aren’t there because of the overuse of antibiotics and the fact that most of us do not eat the traditional fermented foods that are eaten throughout the rest of the world.

I, like many others, have had my share of illness, some chronic. I have been dissatisfied with Western medicine’s treatment (consisting of force feeding me pills), rather than looking for the source(s) of the underlying problem. In an effort to try to take care of myself, I began reading ingredient labels, eating more real food (locally grown, grass-fed meat, fresh fruits & veggies, and locally produced eggs from chickens that eat bugs and grass and spend their days in the fresh air and sunshine), I started gardening to produce as much of my family’s food as possible, and began making a variety of fermented foods.

I began with yogurt and kombucha, moved on to milk kefir and cheese, then started fermenting veggies. My husband and I also began making our own beer, wine, mead and hard cider. Thus, Fermdamentals was born.

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The Fundamentals of Fermentation