Teaching Classes in Chattanooga

It has taken me some time, but finally I’ve found the right organization to collaborate with so I can teach fermentation and brewing classes in the Chattanooga area. I met with Jennifer Holder of The Chattery recently and she agreed to help coordinate a space for several demos and workshops.

At first we were going to do the classes at Granfalloon’s, but they have unfortunately closed. Jennifer quickly found another place to hold the classes, the Chattanooga Workspace.

The first thing I’ll be doing there is a cross between a demo and speed dating called Speed Learning. There will be several educators there on a range of topics each seated at separate tables. The participants will have seven minutes at each table. I’ll be chatting about kombucha. While I tell you about how it’s made and how easily and cheaply you can do it at home, you can sip this tasty, probiotic beverage.

I’ll also be teaching a class on October 21st on How to Make Mead, Cider & Ciser, so sign up today for classes through The Chattery!